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Digital Artist

I am a self-taught digital artist based in France.


I've studied graphic arts and communication before switching to IT. But I've retained my love for all things visuals through the works I do in my free time.

This includes a graphic novel, dress up games, and fan art.


I love all things magic, fantasy, faeries.

My works are often on the brighter side of things, with lots of warm hues and expressive characters.


I speak both french and english.

Coucou amis francophones :)
N'hésitez pas à me contacter en français !



Originally Elenoa was the name of a character I roleplayed as in middle school, but eventually I had to change it because it was often already used.
Someone once told me Elenoa reminded them of the word quinoa, and I found that funny. Hence, Elequinoa :)
I prononce it: [ELE] like Ellen, and [KI][NO][AH].

I mainly work with Procreate, using an Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro 12.9, 2nd generation.

I also own a Wacom Intuos Pro in A5 format, that I use on my computer with Krita and Photoshop.
I've also used Paint Tool SAI in the past. But once you get a taste of Procreate, it's hard to come back from it.

I have a simple stand for my iPad when I work on a desk, I believe I bought it on Amazon for 10 euros.

Most of the time I use my knees and a pillow to prop my tablet on (yes very bad for my back, but very comfortable to draw)

My laptop is an Aspire F15 Acer PC with a second larger screen on the right. A bit old now, but it does the work.

I never use the express keys on my tablet, it's good old keyboard for me.

I've recently bought a pencil brush pack by Dina Norlund you can find here
and I LOOOOVE it so so much! It's a very versatile pack with everything you can need to make a finished illustration.
Highly recommend it! Plus Dina is an amazing artist who deserves your support if you can afford it:)

I also use the "DRY INK" brush because it's the best brush ever. It tilts nicely, and allows for mistakes when sketching AND lining!

I made a copy of Dry Ink where I reduced the texture to use for my flat colors.

For my shadows, I mainly use the "GOUACHE" because again, best brush. Flows and blends nicely, with the right amount of texture.

I also often use this brush by Pheberoni because I love it so much, for every use: sketch, lines, colors, painting.

In my tools are also often the big airbrush, the regular HB pencil, Nikko Rull, the luminance brushes, anything to give a bit of texture and pizzaz.

I also recommend brushes from EveryTuesday for lettering. Her free resources are heavenly.
(Featured on this website are a couple of her handrawn vectors)
(Check out her YouTube channel as well for great tutorials!!)

By watching other people draw on internet.
I am self-taught, been drawing since I was a kid but never took any art classes.
I copied a lot of my favourite manga books when I was a teenager, took a break during high school, then got my first Wacom tablet at around 18.

I learned a lot by observing and copying art that I liked.

And NO, it is not a bad thing.

Studying existing art and using references is how you get better.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
As long as you ask for permission, credit properly, and don't claim as your own the original source material.

Years later I found one of Webang111 speedpainting videos on YouTube, and I fell in love with this artist's technique.
It was like I understood digital painting for the first time. It really clicked with me.

I decided to study it a lot (because I had lots of free time) and that's when my art took a step up. I looked at their brushes, how they used them, their whole process. And tried to replicate it best as I could.

Around the same time I watched a lot of Sara Tepes videos too, as well as Katikut (FR/EN) and Apterus Illustrations (warning: nudity and zombies)
They've all contributed to my improvement.
Sara's and Katikut's videos are really great for beginners. They include basic tips and are easily understandable. Real tutorials and walkthroughs. Apterus's videos are more advanced but a delight to watch.

Some of my other favourite artists on YouTube include : Jacquelin Deleon, Dina Norlund, Momodeary, Meppity, Sinix, Mirey's, Sam Hogg, David Revoy, and many more...

Other artistic people that inspire me a lot are: Tina Yu, The Sim Stream, SatiSims, Dollightful, Hextian, Moonlight Jewel, Jerianie, Christine McConnell

Don't limit yourself to one field, you can learn a lot by observing other artist techniques and styles. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

I keep a Trello board of all the ideas I have for new games. I also make Pinterest boards to find inspiration.

I start with a file on Procreate with the right ratio for the final game. 300dpi, 1000x1600px usually.

I draw my base with a fast sketch and refine it. I keep the lines separated and flat colors underneath. Use reference for this!!

Then I start drawing all the items I feel like doing, in whatever order. Usually I start with facial features and then hair. Clothes next, accessories, backgrounds and final touches.

Once I've got all my lines and separated colors, I import it on Photoshop (with iCloud drive) where I use Actions to make all the color alternatives quickly.

The final game file is organized in Photoshop, I reduce the size a bit, (keep 300dpi, but 500x800px) make sure all my folders have the right labels, and upload it to to test everything.

You can find a set of instructions explaining how to make a dress up game using Meiker here


· I often keep separate files for : genetics, hair, clothing, accessories, backgrounds. It helps me drawing comfortably on procreate without reaching the layer limit.

· I almost never sketch the items, I use references sometimes, then go straight to the lines. I erase a lot to start again, but it feels more organic to me.

· Learn how to use Photoshop Actions, it will be a time savior.

· Make sure your category icons are easily readable from a smaller size.

· Focus on the base the most, it's the only thing you cannot alter later in your process.

If you have anything specific question, Meiker has a Discord channel, and you can also mail me if you need help. I'm happy to guide new creators :)

Yes, I did!

I have a formation in webdesign. But I'm a bit rusty, so if you find any bugs, let me know! :)


Softwares: Visual Studio Code and Adobe Photoshop

Hand drawn dividers and laurel wreaths : EveryTuesday

Icons: FlatIcon

Hosted by: OVH

Dress Up Games made with: (Thank you again Ola, for everything)

Beta Tested by: my boyfriend, and my little brother, merci beaucoup :)