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Aataveith is the name of the fictional world I've been creating for over 10 years now. It features magic, action, romance, and comedy- hopefully.
I'm currently writing a script for Book One of my graphic novel, out of three. Wish me luck! :)

Aataveith is a fantasy world where magic flows all around: the Hud.
Those with Hud in their veins are Elfennels, divided between four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
Then there's the Humans and their own ways of threading Hud to craft powerful magic spells.

20 years ago the human mages of Ker Och brought a terrible curse upon them, the Fall, a bottomless pit dividing the Northern lands in two.
The Heir of those mages is now trying to find a way to restore their forgotten honor and legacy.

His quest lands him in Irizula, a powerful city, home of the Enkas, a guild of Hunters battling the Savach, wild beasts roaming the woods.


· Tham, the chaotic leader of this quest ·

· Cecilia, the clever Elfennel friend/bodyguard ·

· Bali, the Enka Captain standing in their way ·

· Ishal, the Enka recruit stuck between two sides ·

· Chan, the mischievous guide who ends up needing rescuing ·