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· A A T A V E I T H ·


· Welcome to Aataveith ·


"We hope you enjoy your stay in our fantastic world.

Throughout your journey you will possibly encounter dangerous creatures in the woods,
chat with powerful mages, and rescue damsels- no, wait, young rogues in distress.

Beware the fairies on your exit, they don't like being stepped on.

Well, if you believe in that kind of thing."

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What is Aataveith

It's the name of a fantasy world I've been developing for over 10 years now.
It first sprouted in my mind through my love of all things fantasy and magic, and eventually, after playing one too many dress up games, I had a nice collection of characters with their own backstory.

Among them, my muse, Cecilia.
The redhaired Naiad inspired me to delve more into this fantasy world and create more lore and mysteries for her to solve.
I developed her family, friends, lovers, ennemies and eventually fell in love with all of them.
After that, a long period of time trying to piece all these different elements together, and Aataveith was born.

I've already written the first book, out of three.

And have begun drawing the pages of a graphic novel!


What Aataveith is about

A fantasy world with a more modern approach.
Magic is a science, and part of everyday life.
Want to learn it? Join the Academy. Then claw your way into a powerful Magic Guild like the Enkas of Irizula.

A group of mismatched adventurers on a quest to retrieve an ancient powerful artefact -at least that's what they believe...



a young man desperately looking for his missing parents. Gets everyone on his hopeless quest.


Tham's childhood friend. A magic expert lost in her studies, trying to fit in a foreign world.


a young Enka recruit eager to show the world her worth. While keeping an eye on her brother.


a mischievous young man and his faithful dog, Kae. An optimist troublemaker.


a prideful and tough Enka captain, and also the nephew of Irizula's Leader. Ishal's boss.


Their journey through Aataveith will bring them together to solve ancient and newer mysteries.

Action, romance, comedy (hopefully), and a cute fluffy dog that will melt your heart.